7th CPC: Travel Allowances and Leave Rules

7th CPC

7th CPC Rules

All government employees are now looking for latest updates on different aspects of the 7th CPC. We have shared here significant proposals made by the seventh pay commission. The new pay commission brings a hike in minimum and maximum basic pay. Many changes are also brought in with regard to various allowances and exemptions. Some facilities are abolished while some are increased. 7th CPC is a central pay commission for which report is already submitted. The commission is under review by the committee of secretaries. The seventh pay commission is likely to be implemented from July 2016. The arrears will be paid from 1st January 2016. The complete projection of new salary structure is shared separately at our site.

Government job offers many facilities and allowances. LTA, Transport allowance, festival allowance, HRA, dearness allowance are some of them. Check out what ups and downs in allowances are expected from the 7th CPC report. A highlight of 7th pay commission and what is expected is already covered. If you are concerned about the pay scale, then you can even go through 7th commission pay scale for salaries employee. Transport Allowance is given to the government staff. It is also known as conveyance allowance. This incentive is paid by the government to employees for cost incurred in traveling from home to job place. Leave Travel Allowance is a tax exemption to employees. LTA is given when employees take leave and travel somewhere. Some changes are noted in the norms of transport allowance, LTA, and tax exemptions. It covers the cost of traveling to and fro for employees and family members.

7th CPC

7th Pay Commission Transport Allowance

7th pay commission news reports that the structure for transport allowance will be different this year. Transport Allowance is given to cover the cost involved in commuting between office and home. Employees. Following rates are recommended:

Pay Level Higher TPTA Cities

(Rs. Per month)

Other cities

(Rs. Per month)

9and above 7200+DA 3600+DA
3 to 8 3600+DA 1800+DA
1 and 2 1350+DA 900+DA

Employees who are differently able are given this allowance at doubled rate. Officers drawing Grade Pay 10000 and are entitled to use the official car can avail themselves of the existing facility. They can opt for TPTA at the rate of Rs. 7000 per month + DA in lieu of a car.

7th Pay Commission Recommendations for Leave Rules

Following are recommended leave rules by 7th CPC:

  1. Hospital Leave, Special Disability Leave, and Sick Leave will be merged into one new Leave. It will be known as Work Related Illness and Injury Leave (WRIIL).
  2. Full allowances and pay will be given to employees during the period of hospitalization towards WRIIL.
  3. WRIIL will be given beyond hospitalization as under:
  4. Civilian employees, RPF employees and Personnel of Police Forces of Union Territories. – full pay and allowances for six months and a half pay for 12 months beyond that
  5. For officers of defense, CAPFs, and Indian Coast Guard – full pay and allowances for six months and only full pay for 12 months beyond that
  6. PBORs of defense, Indian Coast Guard, CAPFs: full pay with allowances for the unlimited period.
  7. If the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 applies to the person, the amount of leave salary under WRIIL will be reduced. It will be reduced by the a compensation payable under Act 5
  8. Earned leave or Half pay leave will not be given for the duration when employee is on WRILL

Discrepancies are steaming around travel allowances. The apple of discord is that many representatives advocate for same travel allowance for all places. The idea is supported on the basis that petrol prices are similar almost everywhere in country. Also, public transport system is better in Class A/A1 cities than other places.

We suggest you to keep visiting our site for latest news on seventh pay commission. 7th CPC is likely to be implemented from July 2016. All the employees will be paid arrears with effect from January 2016. Some allowances like cash handling allowance, diet allowance and electricity are recommended to be abolished in the 7th CPC report. Entertainment allowance and family planning allowance are also among some of the abolished allowances. Some allowances are abolished as a separate allowance. But they are merged with other allowances. Stay with us for more updates on seventh pay commission.

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    I am a Govt. employee in Indan Railway.WRIIL isa verygood provision made by 7th CPC for the bnifit of employees.But criterian for elligibility must be defined clearly.

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