7th Pay Commission Calculator: Estimated Basic Pay Calculator & Fitment Formula

7th pay commission calculator

7th Pay Commission Calculator

Get your estimated basic pay after implementation of 7th CPC. We have given here an easy 7th Pay Commission Calculator. Central government employees can use this seventh pay commission calculator to know their estimated basic pay. The 7 pay commission calculator is designed to calculate your expected basic pay. It uses your previous pay band and basic pay. The calculation is based on multiplication factor 2.57. It will also show your expected basic pay after 7th CPC as per Fitment Formula. You will select your pay band and grade pay before 7th CPC. Also, enter your basic pay. This will show your expected basic pay as per 7th CPC in no time. An expected 7th commission pay scale has already been revealed.

Normally the revised pay structure increases the pay by three times. The simple formula of a common multiplying factor is used to give you the estimated revised pay. The pay amount derived using the 7th pay commission calculator will give you an estimated figure. The cabinet is likely to approve the commission’s recommendations in June. The 7 pay commission has recommended increasing salaries by 23.55 per cent. The same is expected to be replicated for the state government employees too. The minimum pay is set at Rs. 18,000 per month. However, it is likely to be increased around 23,500/-. The maximum pay recommended by 7th CPC is Rs. 25,000/-

7th pay commission calculator

Download 7th Pay Commission calculator in an Excel sheet

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How to use 7th Pay Commission Calculator

Get your projected basic pay using the calculator given:

  1. Select your Pay Band and Grade Pay using the drop down list.
  2. Enter your basic pay as per 6th
  3. This will show you your estimated basic pay after implementation of 7th
  4. It will also show the pay level and the estimated as per Fitment formula.

The 7th pay commission calculators available online are giving you expected pay as per recommendations. The calculator will be very useful to the employees. New and revised basic pay can be calculated on the basis of the calculator.

Seventh Pay Commission Scale Calculator: Fitment Formula & Multiplication Factor

The very first level of the 7th CPC matrix table is set at Rs. 18000/- which will be the minimum salary. The corresponding starting pay in 6th CPC is Rs. 7000/- . This is the first level or pay band 1 with pay structure Rs. 5200 + Grade Pay 1800/-

The fitment factor of 2.57 is proposed by the 7t pay commission. It is proposed to be applied equally to all employees.  The multiplication factor 2.57 includes 2.25 on account of neutralised DA. As it is assumed that the rate of DA at the time of implementing the 7 CPC will be 125.

The fitment of each employee in the proposed new pay matrix will be following factor of 2.57. The figure derived thus will be placed in the new pay matrix. If the identical figure is not available in the level given, the next higher figure most close to it will be the new pay of the employee.

New Pay Matrix Table

Find below how the pay will be placed in the new pay matrix:

  1. Identify your basic pay i.e. pay in pay band + grade pay
  2. Multiply it with 2.57 and round-off the result.
  3. If the figure arrived does not fits in the given level, the next higher amount closest to it in the level will be the new pay in the new pay matrix. If the figure arrived is less than the starting pay of the level, the pay will be the starting pay of the level.

Update: As per latest 7th pay commission news reports, the secretaries group is going to recommend the minimum basic pay as Rs. 21,000. This being a clear Rs. 3000 increase against proposed Rs. 18000/-the upper limit is increased by Rs. 20,000. The maximum is likely to go up to Rs. 2,70,000 instead of recommended Rs. 2,50,000/-

Let come July 2016, and central government and PSU employees are going to get a hefty hike in their salaries. The Cabinet of Secretaries is all set to approve the report after necessary changes. The 7th pay commission calculator is to give all employees an idea of their pay after implementation. The 7th CPC will be heaving its bearing on the salaries of 47 lakh central government employees. It will also affect remuneration of 52 lakh pensioners. Stay with us for more updates on the seventh pay commission. Check out allowances and leave rules too at our blog. Plenty of online 7th pay commission calculators are available to work out the estimated pay after 7th CPC. We are sure our calculator is helpful to you. Do share our 7th pay commission calculator with others too.

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