7th Pay Commission Pay Scale: Expected Pay Scales

7th pay commission scale

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Projections

Reports on 7th pay commission are pouring down every other day. Find a comparative table of 6th pay and projected 7th pay commission pay scale. The government is likely to implement the seventh pay commission by July 2016. Employees will be paid six months arrears from January 2016. However, we have given a projection on the basis of 7th CPC report. We have also shared significant changes that will be brought by the commission. The 7th pay commission highlight report has created lots of buzzes since the report is released. Union Cabinet may approve the recommendations of the latest commission in June. The seventh pay is promising big hike for government employees. The minimum basic salary is contemplated to be with 19% rise in the existing one.

The table for 7th pay commission pay scale shared here is just to give you an idea of the rise in each pay band. The final pay may differ according to the approval of the recommendations by Union Cabinet. However, government employees will get the idea of the projected pay scales that they will receive with effect from 1st January 2016. As of now, reports say that the committee is going to suggest minimum pay of Rs. 20000 per month. The proposed minimum pay in 7th pay commission pay scale report is Rs. 18000. The recommendations are likely to take the risk and hardship allowance for Armed forces and civilians in a new perspective.

7th pay commission pay scale

Seventh Pay Commission Scale Table

Find below the projection of 7th pay commission pay scale compared to the existing pay structure.

Comparative table on 7th pay commission scales to existing pay structure:

6th Pay Commission Structure Projected 7th Pay Commission Structure
Pay Bands


Grade Pay Entry Pay Band Pay Grade Pay Entry Pay
5200-20200 1800 7000 15600-60600 5400 21000
5200-20200 1900 7730 15600-60600 5700 23190
5200-20200 2000 8460 15600-60600 6000 25380
5200-20200 2400 9910 15600-60600 7200 29730
5200-20200 2800 11360 15600-60600 8400 34080
9300-34800 4200 13500 29900-104400 12600 40500
9300-34800 4600 17140 29900-104400 13800 51420
9300-34800 4800 18150 29900-104400 14400 54450
15600-39100 5400 21000 29900-104400 16200 63000
15600-39100 6600 25530 46800-117300 19800 76590
15600-39100 7600 29500 46800-117300 22800 88500
37400-67000 8700 46100 112200-20100 26100 138300
37400-67000 8900 49100 112200-20100 26700 147300
37400-67000 10000 53000 112200-20100 30000 159000

Note: The above table is just a projection of 7th Pay commission scale or salary structure. It is based on the report of 7th CPC. The final pay structure after the governmental recommendation is awaited. We recommend not to take the pay mentioned in table as the final 7th pay commission pay scales.

Latest Recommendations to 7th Pay Commission Report

The 7th pay commission report is out since few months and by now you must be aware of the salient features. The government’s recommendations to the proposed commission are beneficial to employees. Here are some major recommendations. Please note, the final implementation is yet to come.

  • Center will not curtail any existing facilities. 7th pay commission has suggested the abolition of many facilities and allowances. Like risk allowance, small family allowance, motor cycle advance, festival advance etc.
  • Government is contemplating to give 19% increase on the current minimum basic pay. Hence, minimum pay will be Rs. 20000 instead of the proposed Rs. 18000.
  • The government has suggested that grievances of Armed Forces will be considered.
  • Lately, government has recommended the abolition of overtime for government employees. The abolition of overtime is based on the fact that the overtime allowance is gone up from Rs 797 crore to Rs 1629 crores during 2012-2013.

We will be bringing more updates on the report and recommendations of 7th Pay commission pay scale. However government employees curious to know the expected increase may refer to above table. As for Defence personnel, we have shared a detailed write-up on One Rank One Pension too. For any queries related to 7th pay commission, do use the comment feature and contact us. The pay structure for government employees is revised at every 10 years. Lakhs of government employees of a different class will be affected by the revised pay structure. We too are anxious to know the final approval by Union Cabinet. We will be bringing latest updates on 7th pay commission scale. Check out other updates on seventh pay commission news at our site.

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  1. Whatever the 7th pay commission is declared by the govt of India I will ever remain satisfied. Because, it is the matter of only 47 lakhs employees and 52 lakhs pensioners. But, India has more than 110 crores populations. I am also an employee of defence services.

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