Central Government Employees News and Latest Updates

Central Government Employees News

Speculations around 7th pay commission are not likely to come down soon. We have seen many reports coming out at every couple of days. Latest Central Government Employees News is shared here. The government has suggested few recommendations to the 7th pay commission. Some are in favor of central government employees and some are not welcomed. Find here some steaming updates on Central Government Employees News. The Union Cabinet is likely to implement the seventh pay commission in June 2016. 7thpaycomission.co.in is dedicated to bring all latest updates and recommendations for government employees.

A committee of secretaries is reviewing the commission’s recommendations. The 7th CPC is bringing best news for employees with 19% hike in the minimum basic salary. There are many proposals that may go against expectations of employees. We have also presented an overview on one rank one pension. Do not forget to check the projected pay scales for all pay bands separately posted at our site. Before that check out the high points of central government employees news updates.

Central Government Employees News

7th Pay Commission Abolishes Overtime for Government Employees

As per a media report on central government employees news, overtime is abolished. Seventh pay commission has recommended that the over time will be abolished. The recommendation is based on a data that overtime allowance is increased from Rs. 797 crore to Rs. 1629 crore during 2012-13. This abolition will not apply to operational and industrial staff. The noticeable increase in the OT allowance in past years has prompted this action.

The recommending panel also suggested that efficiency and productivity should be focussed. Strict control on the center’s expenditure under the overtime allowance is also suggested.

Central Government Employees: Leave Travel Concession Rules | LTC Norms

A relaxing news for central government employees comes with latest LTC norms. The central government employees will now get reimbursement of full train fare on a purchase of tickets for children aged 5-12.

The decision is a result of several references by various ministries. Clarification was sought if the full fare charged by Indian railways for reservation of berth for children aged 5-12 is reimbursable. If no separate berth or seat is reserved for children aged 5-12, half of the adult ticket fare shall continue to apply while claiming LTC. This will be effective from April 2016.

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Central Government Employees News: Finance Ministry Strict on Non-Performers

With an aim of enforcing good governance in the Revenue, the finance ministry has taken strict measures. As per the latest report from media, the Finance Ministry dismissed 72 and 33 pre-maturely retired officials for non-performance and discipline during past 2 years.

Union Minister of State for Finance has tweeted in the same reference.


The ministry of finance states that action is taken against erring officials.

Government Employees Likely to Get Better Pay Scales than Earlier Proposed

Central government employees get good news as recent updates come on salary increment. The committee of secretaries is likely to submit the report at the end of June. As latest reports on 7th pay commission say, Committee has recommended more increment that it was proposed by the commission. Against the minimum pay of 18000 which was proposed, employees may get the minimum pay of 21000. It is clearly higher by Rs. 3000 than the proposed 7th pay commission minimum salary. The maximum salary is suggested Rs. 2,70,000 by committee. It is increased by 20,000 than the proposed upper limit by 7th CPC. An expected 7th pay commission salary scale has been given here.

Stay with us for latest updates on central government employees news. Know everything on 7th Pay Commission Pay Scales, Allowance, Salary Structure and other rules. Committee of Secretaries was appointed by Government in January. The committee is likely to finalize the recommendations of the 7th pay commission very soon. If you are looking for latest updates on seventh pay commission news and central government employees news, keep visiting our site. Also, share our information with our friends and colleagues through social media.

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