Download Firestarter Apk

Download Firestarter Apk

Firestarter Apk is launched by Amazon in replacement of popular Amazon Fire TV. It has launched and enables you to launch Android app with your Amazon Fire TV. Firestarter allows you to stream channels and video on your TV. You can surf the internet and play the game online using this application and you can download Apk of Play View for Android. for enjoying music.

This app is replacement by Fire TV it would by Amazon. Using this app you can also use another application, watch movies, play music, and Play games. So it is different in technology. And application has good features so let’s see the amazing features of the application below:


Features: Firestarter

  • It needs no rooting.
  • It detects home button click and provides complete configurable action for start up by home button single click or home button double click.
  • It enables to hide the app from app drawer.
  • Allow the user to import and export settings.
  • Enable automatic update mechanism.
  • Possibility to change the time of no action.
  • Sleep option is also possible here.
  • Starts it-self on Fire TV startup, start itself when home button single or double click.
  • The app can be easily sorted by clicking drag and drop.
  • The show system and device information like Android-version, build-version, host name, WIFI/WLAN name. Ip address and up time is possible.
  • Kodi and SMPC can be easily installed and updated.
  • Automatic update mechanism and try to downloading PlayView Apk for Android.

Installation steps for Firestarter

For Downloading the Firestarter Apk you need to go through below steps and must need internet connectivity:

  1. Search the APK file in the browser.
  2. After searching there is so many option or sites select one of them.
  3. Now click on the link which has Apk file.
  4. Start downloading it takes few minutes.
  5. After downloading complete the APK file is stored in your device file manager.
  6. Open the file in your device and there is Apk file click on that.
  7. Now click on installation it takes some time.
  8. After installation complete, the app icon is displayed on the screen so open that and use.


Thus Firestarter app helpful to Fire TV. There are so many interesting things with the app. using this application you stream channel and video. Using this you can operate game and video on TV. And the best thing is there is no need rooted device so it is easily managed. So let install this application.

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