EPF Claim Status

EPF Claim Status

 Know Your PF Claim Status

Employee Provident Account (or EPF) is a Authorities of India service offered to all residents who are employees of a private sector firm or company. Like a pension benefit plan, it is the most important part of a private sector employee’s life after pension. If you’re looking for information on EPF claim status, in particular how to check on your EPF balance online, then continue reading.

Check your EPFO claim status online with few clicks and details. Online provident finance claim status is an outstanding facility to track the positioning of your pf withdrawal application. No more visiting EPFO offices to learn the status of your state. We have shown an entire solution to know position of your EPF claim at the official portal of EPFO. With digitalization of all governmental techniques, EPFO is also keeping abreast with the most advanced technology. It is offering variety of offline and online facilities for employees and employers. The only detail you will need to monitor status is your PF accounts number. This will help you to know you EPFO state position submitted to any office across country. Withdrawing Worker Provident Account was an extended and tiresome process before.

Check PF Claim Status Online

Thanks to major changes in claim process, the process is considerably simpler than it was earlier.
Many employees are changing job and claiming to withdraw the EPFO amount accumulated. After placing claim, you do not need to invest extra time over examining it at the EPF office. You can know the status of your PF state in few seconds. You just need to find out the appropriate page of EPFO where you can get this details. Our site is guiding employees to use various EPFO services. With EPFO state status facility, you have freedom to take pleasure from sponsor of services. We have the following some benefits of EPFO claim status check service:

The EPF retirement scheme was initiated by the Ministry of Labour and Work, Government of India. Since its inception in the entire year 1951, the primary objective of the system has been to protect the financial security of employees post retirement.

Perhaps one of the most popular pension schemes among private sector employees, it is structured as a three-sided contribution on the employee’s EPF account.

Previously, after submitting a withdrawal state form, you would have to make numerous journeys to the EPFO to check on your application’s status. Now, there’s a simple online procedure that presents you know your PF claim status. Furthermore, with the EPFO embracing digital technology with dedicated e-Sewa portals, the claim process is becoming much faster. Open Provide dent Fund account and get benefits.

How to Check EPF Claim Status

Checking out the status of your EPF withdrawal is very simple. Before you check your EPF state status, be sure you have your 12-digit EPF account quantity ready. Then, follow the steps below to get up to date about your EPF claim status as soon as the change is made by the EPF office.

1. In the EPFO’s ‘Know Your State Position’ (or KYCS) web page, click on the text message “Click here for knowing the Claim Status”.

2. Through the drop down list, choose the EPF office state.

3. On another web page, select your city-specific EPFO. That is, select the office that maintains your EPF accounts.

Note – If you’re not sure of the office that keeps your records, take a quick look at the first five individuals of your EPF account amount. The first two heroes indicate the code for a state. The next three people indicate the code for your local office. Match it to your options available in the list and click on your EPF office.

4. Next, enter your EPF accounts number. The first (maximum) 7 individuals are the Establishment Code. The next (maximum) 3 character types are the Extension code. If the EPF account number does not have the extension code, you can leave this package blank. The final (maximum) 7 people are the Employee number.

5. Click the Submit button.

6. You’ll be able to see the real-time status of your EPF drawback application. In the event that you submitted a state for PF negotiation, for example, it’ll show the same and whether it has been approved. Sometimes, due to unforeseen delays, you might not be able to start to see the present position. Wait for a couple of days and check again before you contact the EPFO Helpdesk.

Online EPFO Claim Status Facility?

Follow our below given step wise procedure and get pursuing benefits:

1. View your EPFO claim status online and steer clear of hassles of visiting EPFO office.

2. Also check your PF balance.

3. The status of the EPF claim is up to date as and when any action is taken at EPFO office.
You will just go through the simple process of checking the positioning of your PF state. When you have confusion or query, you can drop your comments here.

Great things about online EPF claim status feature

• It allows you to see the claim status online and get rid of visits to concerned EPFO office.

• You can also check the PF balance status if online EPF has been triggered.

• Simple and hassle-free process to view claim status.

• The status is updated as so when an action occurs.

What are the things required to track your EPF claim Status?

In order to track your claim status, you merely need to find out the next information:

• Your EPF account number

• EPF regional office of your employer

• Establishment/Company Code and Extension Code (if relevant)

Check EPF Claim Status on your mobile app

You are able to download the mobile application from the EPFO website to check on the status of your last purchase, using your pensioner or member accounts. This will also show you the status of your state demand, i.e., whether it’s approved or pending.

Checking transfer declare status

In the event of a job change, you would have to request for the transfer of the PF amount. In such a scenario, you can travel to the member’s portal and check the status of your transfer state. You would be necessary to enter your membership number, ID document, and mobile number. Then you can login back for checking the position of transfer.

How to Search EPF Claim Status by using Missed Call / Text message / UAN in epfindia.gov.in

  • Go to the EPF established website at efpindia.com, and select the EPF office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Accounts number.
  • Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.
  • And then go through the “Get epfo claim position details”, link
  • It will show the epfo state status, take the print for further use.
  • Monitor your EPF Status using UAN Number
  • Using the UAN number employee can transfer/ deal with all the PF accounts. And also the employee’s may transfer the balance amount from old account to new epf accounts. This is known as PF Transfer/ epf state, withdrawal can also be referred to as PF State but amount would go to the bank account instead of another pf account.

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