One Rank One Pension: Latest News on OROP

One Rank One Pension

One Rank One Pension

One rank one pension is a 40 years old fight by Indian ex-servicemen. We have shared here all latest updates on OROP. Also shared a link for One Rank One Pension Table and Circulars. It is a demand for the same pension for the same rank. And for the same duration of service irrespective of the retirement date. The issue of delay of scheme was extremely critical. The government was so irresponsible that 14 retired Chiefs of Forces had to write government to implement it. The scheme give a pension parity to retired armed forces personnel with the officers of the same rank who retire now. Finally in 2008, the UPA government paved a path for the apex pay grade (Rs. 80,000) for all regardless of when they retire. 7thpaycommiossion portal is committed to cover each and every news about OROP from now on so our soldiers get what they really deserve.

One Rank One Pension

The present formula only accepts a revision of OROP for 5 years which practically means one rank five pensions and not one rank one pension. This is the fight that ex-servicemen are still carrying and for that the committee is appointed. Until now, the date of their retirement determined a number of pensions. With every pay commission declared at every 10 years, the defense personnel retiring early received less pension. The defense officers of the same rank and same years of service retiring later received a higher pension.  But OROP scheme made the pension uniform irrespective of the date of retirement.

One Pension One Rank Implementation for Ex-Servicemen

The government has given approval for implementation of the One Rank One Pension. Here are major highlights and changes of OROP scheme:

  1. The pension will be revised for pensioners retired before 1st July 2014.
  2. The benefit will also be applied to the family members including disabled pensioners and war widows.
  3. The arrears since July 2014 will be paid in four half-yearly installments.
  4. All the family pensioners including war widows, receivers of special/liberalized family pensions and winners of Gallantry awards are paid arrears in a single installment.
  5. In future, the pension will be re-fixed at every five years.
  6. Till 31st of March 2016, 15.91 lakhs pensioners are given the first installment of this scheme.
  7. A Judicial Committee is constituted on 14th December 2015 which will submit its report in six months’ time. The report is now highly awaited.

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One Rank One Pension Table

Find below the link of the official website of Principal Controller of Defense Controller, Allahabad. You will find all the details pertaining to OROP scheme in the circular number 555.

The circular contains all tables and orders issued with regard of this scheme as implemented till now. The scheme benefits those ex-servicemen who retired before 2006. The OROP scheme applies to Airforce, Navy and Army personnel.

What Is One Rank One Pension? Background, Present Updates, and Future

After independence, Iit was decided that every 10 years the new pay commission will be revising the pay structure and the service conditions of the government employees. In the beginning, the first two pay commission the defence personnel were given pension at the rate of 70% of the last pay drawn. (which is now 50%). Remarkably, it was demoted due to IAS officers who receive 50% pension.

It was the policy of the government to keep the fighting forces young for the special task they have to perform. Therefore, those who cannot accommodate in the upper rank, were asked to retire after a specific period of service. As a result, the majority of the defense personnel retired young at the age 35 to 40. Moreover, Pay Commissions constituted had only the IAS officers. There were no representatives of Defense personnel included it. This is the persistent demand of the defense personnel. The non-military government servants are allowed to work until the age of 58/60. To offset this problem of ex-servicemen, the demand for was raised from 1970 onward.

Many ex-servicemen have returned their war medals and have come on the streets for demonstrations for the bringing of OROP scheme. The present approval is still not fully acceptable to the ex-servicemen. Hence, the agitation is still on. However, the wide gap of difference in pension received by defense personnel who retired early and retired later is abolished. This anomaly is corrected with One Rank One Pension.

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